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Cinderella Solution Review 2022 – Does It Really Work?

Why is Cinderella Solution Required?


Cinderella Solution provides you a healthy living. Having a healthy lifestyle demands the consumption of a healthy and proper diet which is full of essential nutrients. In our modern society, body shaming has become one of the major social issues, which target fat, overweight, and differently shaped humans and mostly women.

In such circumstances, being overweight feels like a crime and disability for obese women. This not only leads to mental distress but also multiple health issues. Women are an easy target of getting fat owing to multiple reasons such as baby fat, postnatal obesity, hormonal weight gain, etc.

What Is Cinderella Solution Program?

Cinderella Solution is an effective way of losing weight through a 28 days dietary plan. It does not require any rigorous effort to achieve the desired results, but only planning and the correct combinations of different types of food.

Cinderella Solution
Cinderella Solution

The main goal of Cinderella Solution is to regulate and restart the proper functioning of hormones that are related to metabolism, weight loss, and body fat breakdown. This program is divided into two phases of two weeks each. It is a two-step weight loss regime that can easily be followed by any woman.

Phase One: Ignite & Initiate:

The first stage demands to consume three meals per day, which will prepare the body and hormones to lose weight. This two weeks long phase will let you know the importance of nutrients in the food you will be taking. Meal plans are made for the customer in this phase that will trigger the weight loss and stabilize the hormones. This diet plan will not make your body feel the need for any supplements.

Phase Two: Launch:

The second stage demands intake of four meals a day with combinations of different foods. The combination of the meals focuses on improving the immunity of the body and burning that unwanted fat. The more the right combination of food, the faster and better results you will achieve.

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The right type and quantity of food will lead to an increase in the metabolism rate and boost the levels of immunity for effective weight loss. Cinderella Solution Review takes care of all the meal planning and combinations of meals and their timings of intake.

Lady Power behind the Cinderella Solution Program:

Cary Donovan, a small scale fitness inductor at a local gym, introduced this weight loss program. She herself has struggled with losing weight through healthy means all her life until she cracked it for herself, so she decided to make it public and help the women get the best results also. She relates herself with every overweight woman out there who is in pain because of their weight and hormonal issues causing their metabolism rate to go haywire.

How does it Work?

There are four parts of this program that are carried out in a systematic way;

  1. Program Introduction/Explanation:

This part introduces what and how the program will start and proceed in two phases. The dietary plan, food combinations in this program are full of flavors and nutrients. The program has different chapters that cover all the parts of the program in detail how the program will work and in what sequence.

  1. Blueprint of Daily Nutrition :

This second part provides you with a calendar of 14 days and a plan to prepare your daily meals. It also gives ideas to pair your food with different foods and try out innovative recipes. It helps to understand the nutrition value of food and prepare a chart of different meals full of flavors and best combinations. This consists of very easy to make recipes that are nutritious and delicious both at the same time.

  1. DIY your own meals:

This part of the program is the most fun as it gives you room for innovation and creates your own plate, which is high in nutrition, but low in calories and full of flavors. Moreover, it educates you about the portion of a particular food you should take which makes weight loss effective.

  1. Combinations and Flavors:

This part tells you about the figures of nutrition in the food and which food combines best with which one. It provides information about the balance of flavors. At this stage you are well aware of how you will lose your weight with Cinderella Solution Reviews and how will you proceed with your journey with this program.


  • Healthy and natural way to lose weight with zero side effects.
  • A women based solution specially designed for females keeping in the count all their hormonal problems as well.
  • An easy process to follow and get along with.
  • Suggest easy workouts that are less exhausting.
  • Provide with each and every detail about food, their combinations, and nutrition.
  • Value for money.
  • Great customer service provider.
  • Available at very nominal prices.


  • Women based weight loss solution only.
  • Commitment and time are required.
  • Slow process to show the results.
  • Online availability only.

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Buying Process of Cinderella Solution:

This Cinderella Solution Program costs only $37, which can be bought online from their website. It can be played on any smart device like iPad, mobile, phones, TV, etc. You have full access as you can view them anytime anywhere.

Money-Back Guarantee:

There is the policy of money back but within 60 days of purchase after that no money will be returned, so you have time to try it, if it works for you then keep it otherwise return it.

Final Verdict:

Patience and consistency is the key to success with Cinderella Solution. It is a proper guide to save all those women out there who wish to have a well-toned body. This program provides you with the best and healthy ways to lose weight. It only requires time and the right effort, but the Cinderella Solution weight loss results are guaranteed.

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