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My Bikini Belly Review 2022 – Does It Really Help You Burn Belly Fat?

My Bikini Belly Review provides you a healthy living. Fat people are always at greater risk of getting some serious diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and much more just because of the extra fat of their body. They always have a hard time losing their stubborn fat. They starve themselves and try many other strategies but none of them work. That’s why today we give you “My Bikini Belly Review” which can help you with this problem.



In My Bikini Belly Review, first of all, we will give you a summary. My Bikini Belly is a workout program by Shawna Kaminski who is a competitive fitness model.  This program emphasizes turning off the menopause molecules of the body, turning on the fat-burning molecules, and increasing the metabolism of the body. This program is specially designed for women above 35 who always have a hard time losing their stubborn belly fat.

About The Author:

Shawna Kaminski is a famous Canadian Athlete and also a competitive fitness model who has won a number of fitness titles and fitness competitions. She is 50 years old but looks 20 years younger than her age. She is an inspiration to millions of women who want to keep themselves healthy and fit.

My Bikini Belly Review
My Bikini Belly Review

She is an owner of North West Fit Boot Camp and also introduced her 21-day bikini belly workout. She has a great body shape but she started getting flabbiness and soon she discovered a great way to resolve her problem. Now you know the author of My Bikini Belly. Now in this My Bikini Belly Review Lets talk about how it works.

How Does My Bikini Belly Review Work?

Shawna uses the mechanism of “Metabolic Activation Training”. This mechanism works by activating our body’s natural systems that should work in unison at optimal levels in order for the body to burn fat. With the help of a bikini belly workout, you will be turning off the menopause molecules of your body, turning on the fat-burning molecules, and turning up the metabolism of the body. The workouts that people usually follow focus only on boosting the metabolism of your body.

The Bikini Belly workout emphasizes turning the fat burning molecules on and turning the fat-storing hormones off.  The hormones of our body have a great effect on the fat burning ability and metabolism process. When everything in your body works in a fine manner, this is when your body starts working for you instead of against you. This program is a blueprint for the women who are over 35 and are fighting to lose belly fat once and for all.

Pros Of The Bikini Belly Review:

  • Easy Workout Plan:

Many weight loss programs promise to deliver the results but those programs are extremely hard for average women to pull off. The workout plans, sometimes, get too exhausting and that’s not worth it. This workout is especially best for beginners or busy middle-aged women who don’t want to get crushed by intense workouts. People who don’t have much time to do an exercise can easily follow this workout plan.

  • Available at Affordable Rate:

Usually, the workout programs are very expensive with many upsells and become out of the budget. My Bikini Belly is available at an affordable rate and anyone can afford it easily.

  • Help to get Fat Burning Power Back:

If your body is suffering from a hormonal imbalance from previous workout plans or for some other reason, this Bikini Belly program will help you to get your metabolism and fat-burning power right on track. All those hormones that promote a youthful look are released while following this workout.

  • Follow Along with Videos:

Every lesson of this program has a follow-along video with it that increases the chance of following the workout in the right way. Follow along videos are an important aspect for the success of a workout plan.

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Cons Of The Bikini Belly Review!

  • Stay Motivated to Get Results:

My Bikini Belly program is not a shortcut scheme to get slim quickly. This program needs real effort and motivation. So, in order to get the results, you will need to keep your motivation level high.

  • Only in Digital Format:

This program is available in digital format only and requires a good internet connection for downloading it. There are no hard copies available for this program yet. This point may get inconvenient for some people out there who want to follow this workout plan.


Optional Upgrade #1 – Organifi:

This is basically a green powder/juice product. Organifi contains all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, etc. that are coming from organic natural foods.

Optional Upgrade #2 – Fast Results Bundle:

It provides you with some extra training that teaches you how to get the fastest possible results from the Bikini Belly Program. It is a collection of workouts and extra strategies that you can use to burn belly fat in a quicker way.

Optional Upgrade #3 – Double Your Results Bundle:

This upgrade tells you about the nutritional foods that you can use while following the bikini belly workout. It contains all the meal plans, diets, and recipes that can double the results you get from the workouts.

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My Bikini Belly Review: How And Where To Buy:

You can buy this product from its official website where you are provided with simple and secure payment options. You just need to add your country, postal code, card number, and payment option.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee:

This program also offers you the flexibility of getting your money back in 60 days if you don’t like the program.

Final Words – Is It Worth The Investment:

My Bikini Belly is basically a new approach to a healthy lifestyle that will help you in a positive way to reshape your body. It will also provide you an edge that you need to burn the extra off of your body. Hope you enjoy the “My Bikini Belly Review” and enjoy the information which is Provided in My Bikini Belly Review. If you enjoy My Bikini Belly Review so Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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