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Tami Roman – Does the Tami Roman Weight Loss Diet Work?

Recently, Tami Roman has opened up about her battle with body image disorder. The actress shared her experience while guest hosting The Real. The two were discussing the emergence of body dysmorphic disorder. During the interview, Roman explained how her weight obsession led to her weight gain and eventual weight loss. According to Roman, the problem is caused by a negative view of one’s body and a constant need to look skinny.

NV Clinical appetite suppressant:

The ingredients in Tami Roman’s NV Clinical appetite suppressant for weight loss were evaluated for their potential for weight loss. A study of overweight subjects showed that the key ingredients of NV Clinical led to a significant loss of weight. Subjects in the study ate 2,000 calories a day and walked for 30 minutes five times a week. The test subjects who took NV Clinical lost 4.0 lbs and 1.7 inches from their waists in two weeks, compared to 0.3 in the placebo group. Eventually, they lost 11.2 lbs, or a total of 118.6 inches from their waists.


Actress Tami Roman has become an Instagram sensation for using mindfulness to lose weight. The actress has consistently responded to body shamers on the Instagram community, but her most recent post addresses a particular person. Evelyn Lozada was the culprit for an argument in which she insulted Roman’s physique. She told Roman to worry about her health instead. Roman’s response was equally as clever and revealing.

Low-calorie diet:

If you’re wondering if the Tami Roman low-calorie diet works for you, there’s good news. Tami Roman has a wealth of experience in the world of weight loss. The TV personality and model has worked on shows like “The Real World: Los Angeles” and “Boot Camp.” She’s also been a part of shows like “Marriage Boot Camp” and “The Family Business.” She married Reggie Youngblood in 2016 and they now have a daughter, Roman. She also stars in “The Ms. Pat Show,” on BET+. She is working on a new low-calorie cookbook and is also a part of “The Real World: Homecoming” season 2.


Before appearing on the show Basketball Wives, actress Tami Roman worked as an actress, with small roles on shows such as Marriage Boot Camp and BET’s The Family Business. She was married to NBA player Reggie Youngblood in 2018 and now stars in The Ms. Pat Show on BET+. She will also appear on the second season of The Real World: Homecoming on Paramount+. Roman also shares a personal story of losing weight after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Although she’s been a big star in the show, Tami Roman is a regular person with a real-life weight problem.

Reggie Youngblood:

The couple are famous for their dramatic weight loss stories, but why are they so thin? Roman has been called “skinny Tami” because of her body fat percentage. But she hasn’t been sexy since the age of 13, when she first began to deal with body dysmorphic disorder. She weighed 185 pounds before going to rehab, and then became obsessed with getting skinny. Now, she manages diabetes and her weight. During a recent appearance on ESPN, she discussed negative comments on her weight on the internet.

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