Thursday, September 21News That Matters Reviews – Is it Scam or Legit?

Earning money online can be performed in a variety of ways. You can make money trying to promote other people’s products by opening an online store, taking paid surveys, or freelancing. Writing program and product reviews is one way to make good money.

You’ve possibly seen the promos for and are attracted by the potential of earning money by writing app reviews.

People were finding and contacted me to have an app review put online. So, in recent weeks, I’ve done a lot of research to see if this is a fraud. If does not suit your needs, there is an option at the end of this guide. How to Write App Review?

What is


ClickBank is now selling things called ‘Write App Review,’ which allows customers to earn money blogging reviews of mobile apps.

The select app, install it, start it out, and write reviews about your interaction. You will be capable of writing and publishing these reviews on your blog for each participant. You can make income in three ways.

Users to your website who click on the banner ads. Choosing to receive emails A user clicks on an app download link to enable this feature. Check out the Login and the guide about its works.


How Does It Work?

Writing app reviews for a living is a feasible option. It’s a straightforward and quick method. To begin, perform the following actions:

Step 1: Create a website for app reviews.

App review websites such as DFY allow you to accept your reviews and generate income by promoting the apps you review through marketing, subscriptions, and installs.

Finally, the site is complete and does not require further advancement or hosting.

At this point, you only need to sign up for ClickBank and JVZoo (affiliate marketplaces).

⇒ Visit Official Website Of Reviews

Step 2: Try out apps and give feedback on them.

After ending the first step, you will be able to log in to your Write App Reviews website and begin evaluating apps.

This database contains numerous applications. You can rate an app on your phone or tablet by selecting a favourite. If you carefully consider an app, you will be given an edit page. You have to provide feedback and rate the app from 1 to 5.

Your reviews must rank very high in search engine results if you want free organic traffic. You’ll need to have at least 500 words for each study.

It would help if you pressed the publish button for your review to appear on the Writeappreviews Reddit website.

Step 3: Get your money.

Write App Reviews provides three ways for you to earn money from your reviews. Your ads are gaining attention, whether through banner clicks, email sign-ups, or app downloads. To get started, you must have an affiliate link with both ClickBank and JVZOO.

When you use the app review system, your Clickbank or JVZoo ID will appear on every web banner on your website, every email list, and app download button.

You can make income if a visitor to your website does any of the following: Write App Reviews will place banners on your site that links to their affiliate programs on ClickBank and JVZoo.

After clicking on your links, you will be paid a commission if someone purchases something. Likewise, the findings of the other two strategies are identical. You earn money when someone joins your mailing list and transactions something from you.

Furthermore, you have compensated each time a customer to your website clicks on an URL on your website to install the app.


  • com is cheaper than the profit, relaxation, and confidence provided.
  • Enhances your financial situation.
  • It aids in goal achievement in a short period.
  • Except for basic grammar, it does not require professionalism.
  • Friends and family may reach you for guidance about the platform.
  • Upsells are plentiful in Write App Reviews’ sales funnel.
  • Much advertising and sales literature distort.
  • It contains no information about the product’s creator.
  • There is not a single SEO course offered.
  • To achieve high rankings, you must master SEO techniques. You won’t if you don’t.

⇒ Check Official Website Of


  • The app Coiner has been modified

How & Where to Get it?

Visit, enter your name and email address in the provided fields, sign up to become a member, and you’ll be able to start making money right away by checking out and writing reviews on the hottest new apps for your phone or tablet.

Log in to the WriteAppReviews website to access the app review database, which is situated on the main dashboard page. Please scroll through and select an app to review before downloading it to your device via the Google Play or StoreApple App Store download button. You can even learn How Much Does Writeappreviews Pay.

Writeappreview Membership:

To review new cool apps on WriteAppReviews and get paid for them, you must first sign up as an official. This registration is reasonable compared to the profits you’ll eventually make from the site.

Running the website, building and maintaining training materials, offering assistance and additional training to members, making connections with app developers, generating software tools for members to use, and so on are all expenses for WriteAppReviews.

As a result, you pay so that the platform can cover the cost of providing you with all of the training and tools you need to complete the jobs, access its app review database, and get help from the customer service team. Also, A joining fee helps the platform separate the tares from the wheat and keep out distractions, allowing it to offer more jobs to meaningful members. You can even get a Writeappreviews refund as well!

Final Verdict:

As per Write Up Reviews, the website is a great income generator. It’s very convenient because anyone can engage from anywhere; all you need is your phone or computer and basic English writing skills. To get started, create an account. Furthermore, the platform’s dedicated support team can clear any issues encountered while signing up. This product is especially recommended for people who want to work and earn money. It’s simple to use. To illustrate, leave a review, tap the link, share with friends to raise views, and then cash out. It is, indeed, a high-quality product that is well worth the cost. Customers give it top ratings. As a result, if you want to register to start earning as a member, go to the website and sign up.

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